Creating designs for print and web has been an ongoing journey for several years and is continuing the process of development and discoveries.

Everything Leaves An Impression has arrived at a point where improving its calibre is at a natural progression in its evolutionary process.  Looking forward towards an encouraging and more prosperous future, E. L. A. I.’s endeavours are growing towards more social responsibilities and betterment as a whole.

At Everything Leaves An Impression, producing quality designs, inspiring elevation, is a responsibility we have to do so harmoniously.  Creating captivating media for print, web and multiple media forms, E. L. A. I. is present in its power to invoke positive mindedness with visual applications and displaying the beauty that surrounds our lives.

In life, trust, have faith and laugh a lot.  See the natural essence that surrounds us daily peace by piece. One thing can change everything. It’s all matter; It all matters.